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  Path of Hope Gala 2019 
   Artist in Residence

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6m x 3m billboard in Perth

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Over 60 ballet students aged  7 - 18 years  from all over Perth performed

in the Grand Ballroom at Crown Towers, Perth and it snowed !!!


Pas de Deux performed by ex WA Ballet dancers; Sergey Pevnev and Sarah Hepburn with Jan Brown and Suzanne Arrigo (choreographer)

Auditions were held for the Path of Hope Gala at Crown Towers, Perth. 
Thank you to Suzanne Arrigo (RAD Examiner and Teacher) for her expertise both teaching and auditioning these young dancers.  Contact :

Autumn Art Event - May 2018

Meet the Artist
Royal Academy of Dance Teacher's Conference, Brisbane 2018 

"The session with Jan Brown 'Meet the Artist' was joyful. A charming and delightful lady who gave us a glimpse into her 'painter's world' of Dance,
colour and form! What a treat!"    
Anna Verentennikova, RAD Examiner 2018 

Summer Art Event 2017

JUST10 Summer Art Event


2 - 5 November 2017  

beachfront venue at City Beach

  •  3 Drops Wines & Bunkers Sparkling

  • Delectable grazing table


  • 'Floral Army'  demonstration pairing    flowers with artworks, just stunning! 


A big thank you to everyone who attended

over the weekend!

A resounding success by any measure.

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