For me, the freedom & joy of dancing is synonymous with that of painting.


About the Artist


Jan has aways loved ballet which became her artistic passion with a sense of movement and grace in her work which brings dance alive. Works are developed from life drawing sessions with ballerinas and her own observations and experiences.  She has always danced and takes regular barre class. 

She works from her home studio using brush or palette knife working in oils, alla prima allowing the movement and light to emerge, finding the 'good line' that dancers strive for.


She has gallery representation in Australia and at The Ballet Boutique, London, UK.  In 2018 she presented her approach to ballet and art in "Meet the Artist" sessions at the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)Teachers Conference in Brisbane.  She exhibits  annually at the home of WA Ballet, His Majesty's Theatre and is delighted to donate and present a painting to the winning Ensemble of the

David McAllister Cup at the annual RAD Festival in WA. 

Jan was Artist in Residence  for the Path of Hope Gala 2019 in conjunction with Rotary and the Salvation Army raising funds for programs to combat domestic violence.

The original artwork 'Powerhouse' is to be used across all media for the Centenary celebrations of the RAD,  London where she will travel to present "Meet the Artist" sessions in September 2021.